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Trump Has Asked Polluters Just Which Regulations They Could Do Without.

Adam Krause

Imagine if this actually happened!

Imagine if this actually happened!

Apparently, upon taking office in January, our wonderful new president asked American manufacturers just which regulations they would like to have removed. He got some good answers. The paving industry would like to halt investigations into the dangers of coal tar. The U.S. Chamber of Commerce would like to stop having to publicly report injuries and illnesses. But best of all, BP would like to make it easier to renew leases for drilling in the Gulf of Mexico. OK. Let that sink in. BP WOULD LIKE TO MAKE IT EASIER TO RENEW LEASES FOR DRILLING IN THE GULF OF MEXICO.

There was a recent movie you may have heard about called Deepwater Horizon starring Marky Mark of Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch that imagined the dangers that could arise if BP were allowed to drill in the Gulf of Mexico with minimal government oversight. It depicted a massive explosion on a floating drilling facility that flooded the Gulf of Mexico with crude oil and took a very long time to plug while more and more oil poured into the Gulf endlessly for weeks. Imagine if that awful scenario became reality. Wait? What's that? It was a based on a real event? One that occurred a mere SEVEN FUCKING YEARS AGO?!?! One that was quite possibly the greatest environmental disaster in US history!?! Why would you let BP make it easier to do that again? That's a terrible idea!

-Adam Michael Krause