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Radical is the New Reasonable

Adam Krause

According to a recent report from Carbon Tracker, prepared along with the Potsdam Institute for Climate Impact Research and Yale University, if fossil fuel emissions are not drastically reduced by 2020, catastrophe will become inevitable. Actions that might be effectual now will become useless. Other recent research demonstrates that our climate models, when updated to reflect the gradual warming of the oceans and the concomitant reduction of cloud cover over the southern Ocean, make a six degree Celsius increase in global temperature quite possible within the century. This is terrifying. 

Meanwhile, as our time runs out, the President of the United States pushes coal, destroys the EPA, and exits the Paris Climate Accord. The main opposition party doesn't really oppose these actions in any meaningful way, but simply seeks to regain power mainly so they can destroy the planet in a less gaudy and garish way. The same people would still profit. We would all still be doomed. But the president would be able to speak extemporaneously and probably wouldn't be orange. No one with any kind of actual power is doing anything that might help. Centrist Democrats will not save us. Republicans will definitely kill us. This duopoly of misguided political parties offers no one anything they need.

Neoliberal centrist Democrats are not the sensible grown-ups they like to portray themselves as. They are more like obstinate children in denial of the dangers we face. Bold actions designed to stop industrial capitalism are the reasonable responses. Continuing with our current trajectory is absolute madness. Either the status quo goes or humans do.

Radical is the new reasonable. 

-Adam Michael Krause